Saturday, October 1, 2016

instaGC Holiday Bonus 2016 Program

This will be my first year on instaGC but I have heard from others that use it that they always look forward to the holiday program they run. The program kicks off from October 1st and runs through the end of December.

For those that have already signed and use instaGC you can access the holiday bonus page directly here

Right off the bat as a user you get a free 1% bonus for being active on the site. There are other categories to earn based upon number of completed tasks and how many points said tasks were. For example on mine (that I just started today when it launched) I have some tasks done that fall under the 1-4 points tier with the goal of completing 500 of those types of tasks to reach the next level.

It says you can apply the bonus points as you like but I might let mine build up just a bit before doing so. I changed up my goal recently for a $25 Walmart giftcard since I'm trying out their shippingpass program. Though once it gets closer to the holidays I will be gearing up for Amazon ones.

Hopefully this little holiday perk will help to reach goals :)

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